12 Tips for Safe Deep Web (Precautions)

  • 25 June 2017
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The most important issue in the Deep Web is security. Deep Web, which usually contains illegal websites, can cause serious harm to the user. In this article, we will explain how to take your security to the maximum level. If you are accessing the Deep Web and visiting illegal sites, then it means you are at risk.

If you read and apply the following precautions, it will be very difficult to keep your trace;

1- Flash Player

This item is very important, turn off flash support from Tor Browser settings. Navigating flash pages makes it easier for Tor users to locate. (in newer versions to close, click the Tor icon in the browser and turn off Flash in the “Security Settings” section).

2- Browser 

Always use Firefox. Try not to use Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can also use Opera except of Firefox (Tor will use the Firefox infrastructure, do not try to change it.)

3- GEO

Turn off your browser’s Geo feature. The Geo feature allows that websites can find your location with 1-2 meters of error. To turn off Firefox, type about: config in the address bar, type geo in the screen that appears, and double-click on geo .enabled to see that the value is false instead of true.

4- Plugin

If you use Firefox, get the Depharming plugin. This plugin makes it hard to detect your location. (the latest version of Tor Browser does not need this extension, you do not need to download it).

5- File Deleting 

If you delete an illegal file downloaded from Deep Web with Shift + del, it will not delete completely from your system. Download a software for deletion (try to download no file from Deep Web, this is very risky)

6- Proxy

Never use proxy services. These websites save your IP. (Tor Browser does the same thing, but proxy websites can be used for a business that is more risky than Tor Browser)

7- Cookies

Always clean your cookies before turning off your computer. You can do this with ccleaner. It is important.

8- Antivirus Software

Use an antivirus program. Kaspersky can help you. If your system is insufficient for Kaspersky, try to use a good antivirus software.

9- Operating System

You can switch to a much safer system by installing Ubuntu. You are not affected by anything that affects Windows. In Ubuntu, you can find a version of almost any application except than Windows games.The purpose here is to prevent the collection of information about you (if you can not give up Windows, you can create a virtual machine with VirtualBox and install Ubuntu.You can use both Windows and Ubuntu on a single computer).

10- Warez

Do not use cracked programs. Most of the cracks contain trojan and worm. (If you use a quality antivirus, this precautions will not be interested in you.)

11- Wireless

Do not use wireless, the ethernet cable is much safer and faster. (make sure your firewall is always active)

12- Webcam

If you have a webcam connected to your computer, remove it immediately. The Deep Web is two-sided. While someone uses the ip address, someone uses your ip address.

cyber security

If you apply these precautions , you can use Tor Browser more safer. The most important thing in this stuff is Linux Ubuntu. If you have a chance to install Ubuntu, install it immediately. If you look at the previous cases and investigations, police could not locate the users entering Deep Web via Ubuntu. There is no certainty. We learned it from the media and the articles, it is your decision.

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