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How to Access Deep Web (Onion Websites)

  • 25 June 2017
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Every level of the Deep Web is accessed with a different way. In this post, we will describe access to Level 4 (Onion websites). First you should download Tor Browser because this system does not work with standard browsers.You can not access to Deep Web with Chrome,IE or Mozilla.You should use Tor Browser.Click here for download it.After you download the program, do the installation.

If there is no problem with your connection settings, you will get the message “Congratulations.You are using Tor”. This message means that you are now logged into the Deep Web.

tor browser

If you do not have any problems with your connection settings, the stasus section will say “Connected to the Tor Network”. This will show you that you are connected to the system and that you have another user’s IP address.

Now you are logged into the system. You can access the 4th level Deep Web sites.

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