What is Bitcoin? How To Buy It?

  • 25 June 2017
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We will talk about the money flow on Deep Web in this article. The system is generally illegal, the relationship between the sellers and the buyers must be hidden. In this network, you can not buy a product using Paypal because it is very easy to detect both the seller and buyer via Paypal. And bank transfer, Western Union ways are not suitable for Deep Web in terms of security. Solution is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency that you can use on Deep Web sites. Shopping with Bitcoin is very difficult to trace. You can buy Bitcoin from some trade websites. Your purchased bitcoin is sent to your electronic wallet.The main purpose here is to protect the seller and buyer.


The bitcoin value is a variable currency. You can buy 1 bitcoin for 2000 dollars today and you can sell it for 4000 dollars tomorrow. You can use Bitcoin as investment, but it can be risky.

Trusted sites you can buy Bitcoin; (Closed)

You can also get Bitcoin via Ebay and Amazon, but the price will be higher.



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