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What is Freenet and How Does It Work?

  • 25 June 2017
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The Freenet project is an internet network project created by Ian Clarke in 2000. The main purpose of the project is to make the internet more secure, more anonymous.

The operating principle and connection protocols differ from the normal internet. The main difference is; in normal internet data is consolidated and fixed on a server.In Freenet data is scattered and dynamic. When connected to a website on the normal Internet, you are connected to a server that hosts that site. If you are a Freenet, the sites do not live on a server. They are shared and divided by users which connected to the freenet. This gives a advantage to users than  the normal internet in terms of security.

freenet logic

Website addresses do not carry known extensions, because of sites are hosted by users. Instead of websites with a com or net extension, for example; localhost:8888/asf3rf9uaw9fua

Websites stored in the users. If you want to access a site, you are connected to this user.


What does Freenet do?

You can access to Freenet networks securely and anonymously with Freenet. You can join the social network called Sone, you can use the mail network called Freemail, transfer files with the file sharing system called Frost, and chat anonymously on the system called Freetalk.

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