what is deep web

What is the Deep Web?

  • 25 June 2017
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Deep Web is a network name that is not listed in the search engines (like Google and Yahoo) and can not be accessed by standard web browsers.

As we said, these sites are not listed on the search engines. The reason is often their content. The majority of such sites – we can say 95% – are based on illegal topics. To avoid from police and goverments, these sites restrict access to their network.

The most curious things are the contents of Deep Weeb’s websites and how these websites can be accessed. Generally it is based on drug and pornographic content. You can get any drug from these websites and you can access to all kind of porn you want (including child pornography)

The thing you need to be aware of Deep Web is working logic of the system. When you log in to this system, you are dealing with another user’s IP, and it is very difficult to trace. But some security companies and government agencies (like NSA) can find your real IP and determine your location. Because of this, Deep Web is risky.So choose carefully the sites you enter and do not stay in those sites long.

Deep Web content is divided into some levels. You can click here to examine Closed Shell System, it is claimed to be level 5 in many sources. Each level is a different content and the access becomes more difficult as the levels increase.

Now we are able to access the Closed Shell System but for higher levels you have to make changes to your computer hardware and operating system.

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